Grand Prix Audio

1 x Monaco Amp stand with Formula Shelf

Price: R16 000.00

1 x Monaco Amp Stand Acrylic shelf

Price: R11 000.00

Kuzma Stogi Ref 313 VTA Tonearm - as new

Price: R42 000.00

Miyajima Shilabe MC Cartridge

Price: R20 000.00

Contrast Audio Lens Pro Mini Monitors - Red Finish

Price: R22000.00

TRI (TRIODE) M300 SE Monoblocks

Price: R25000.00

Crayon Integrated AMP With Builtin Phonostage

Price: R35 000.00

Rel Habitat 1 Wall Mount Sub Bass System

Price: R10 000.00

Boenicke W5 Mini Monitors

Price: R40 000.00

Complete with stands in perfect white ash finish.

Garrard 401 Turntable with exquisite double plinth and footers

Price: R39 000.00

Motor and internals updated to Loricraft specs.

Accessory Specials

STEINMUSIC Harmonizers RoomTreatment System complete with 4 x H2 and Stones

Price: R15 000.00

Acoustic System International ASI Resonators

Copper Basic

Price: R1 000.00


Price: R2 000.00

Gold Special

Price: R300.00


Price: R300.00

ZYX AIRY 3 Mono Cartridge

Price: R18 000.00

Synergistic Research Blue Fuses

Price: R2 000.00

Acoustic Revive R777 Room Treatment

Price: R3 000.00

OYAIDE Across 900 XLR 1.3M - NEW

Price: R2 500.00

Harmonic Technology

Pro 9 SPKR Cables

Price: R6 000.00

Silver Crystal Phono

Price: R4 000.00

REL Bassline Blue Cables 3M - NEW

Price: R4 500.00

OYAIDE MJ 12 Turntable Mat - NEW

Price: R4 000.00