The spirit of sound... providing naturally authentic sound reproduction. Since there is no substitute for high speaker efficiency, WLM offers one of the highest levels in the industry ant 98dB. All WLM products show the outstanding quality of workmanship that is expected when one hears "Made in Austria". All WLM products provide a valid investment in long lasting musical pleasures.

Basic Series Diva and Diva Monitor:
Reference Series: Aura, Viola and Lyra
Signature Series: Aura, Lyra Mk II, Gran Viola II and Gran Viola Monitor
Duo subwoofer: Basic Duo, Duo 12.15 and 18 subs
WLM electronics: Passive Control, System Control, Dup Amp



"Tone, timing, dynamics and adjustability in the stand-mounted speaker category."

WLM La Scala

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